The purchasing atmosphere is light, and PS prices are falling

1、 Price trend


Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

According to the analysis system of the commodity market of the Business Society, the average price of PS at the beginning of this week was 9566 yuan/ton, and the average price of PS at the weekend was 9500 yuan/ton. The price decreased slightly by 0.70%, a decrease of 11.63% compared to the same period last year.


2、 Market analysis


The international crude oil market closed down, styrene prices rose and explored, while downstream buying followed up poorly, making it difficult for merchants to boost their confidence. The mainstream price of GPPS (polyphenylene sulfide) in the East China market is between 8400 and 10050 yuan/ton, while the mainstream price of HIPS (polystyrene) is between 9000 and 10400 yuan/ton.


3、 Future Market Forecast


The downstream purchasing interest of PS is not good, and it is expected that the PS (polystyrene) market will be mainly volatile and weak in the short term.