Domestic LNG rebounded after a sharp decline (3.10-3.16)

1、 Price trend


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According to data monitoring by Business News Agency, as of March 16, the average price of liquefied natural gas in China was 4608 yuan/ton, compared to 5044 yuan/ton on March 10, and the domestic price of liquefied natural gas fell by 8.64%.


2、 Market analysis


Domestic LNG prices rebounded slightly after falling sharply this week. At the beginning of the week, the market demand was sluggish, the oversupply situation increased, and the liquid plant had a strong attitude towards inventory discharge. In addition to the reduction in the price of raw gas, the price of liquefied natural gas continued to decline. On Wednesday, the market stopped falling and warmed up. After a continuous decline, the liquid plant began to stabilize and increase prices. In some regions, liquid plants have reduced production or suspended shipments, resulting in a decrease in on-site supply.


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On March 16th, the offer of liquefied natural gas in the mainstream domestic market was as follows:


Region/ offer

Inner Mongolia region/ 4500-4750 yuan/ton

Shaanxi region/ 4480-4750 yuan/ton

Shanxi region/ 4600-4900 yuan/ton

Ningxia region/ 4480-4570 yuan/ton

Hebei region/ 4900-5000 yuan/ton

Henan region/ 4900-4950 yuan/ton

Sichuan region/ 4650-5000 yuan/ton

Shandong region/ 5300-5350 yuan/ton

3、 Aftermarket Forecast


Liquefied natural gas analysts from Business News believe that the domestic liquefied natural gas market has rebounded recently, with downstream on-demand procurement being the main focus, and terminal demand needs to be released. It is expected that in the short term, domestic LNG prices will be mainly consolidated and operated in a narrow range.