On September 22, the domestic phenol market fell back from a high level

The purchase follow-up was insufficient. On the 22nd, the national mainstream phenol market fell back from a high level. Although the current supply side continued to be tight, and some factories were also stocking up before the festival, the market continued to rise significantly, with greater downstream pressure. Department traders sold at a discount, and the actual on-site real order price declined. Recently, the operating rate has increased. Although the number of arrivals in October is limited in the statistics, it is difficult to predict the uncertain factors under the influence of the general environment after the festival. The contract shipment is nearing the end, and the market is mainly adjusted smoothly before the festival.


The offer of phenol in various markets nationwide is as follows:


Region, quotation, daily rise and fall

East China., 10650., – 100

Shandong region., 10950., 0

Yanshan surrounding area, 10850, – 50

South China., 10650., – 150