TDI market was weak on August 1

On August 1, the average market price of TDI in East China was 15750 yuan / ton, down 0.63% from the previous working day, and the market was weak. At present, the market supply is stable, the shippers offer to negotiate shipment, the downstream wait-and-see mentality is mainly, the market purchase just needs to be followed up, the terminal industry is depressed, the operator’s mentality is cautious, and the on-site trading is mainly looking for low prices. At present, the quotation range of dealers in East China is about 15000-15200 yuan / ton for domestic goods and about 15300-15700 yuan / ton for Shanghai goods.


It is expected that the short-term TDI market consolidation will be the main operation, and the price may be reduced slightly. Specific attention will be paid to the market supply and downstream follow-up.