On January 27, the TDI market continued to be strong

Trade name: TDI


Latest price (January 27): 18475 yuan / ton


Key points of analysis: today, the average price of TDI market in East China increased by 250 yuan / ton compared with the previous working day, with a one-day increase of 1.37%. The domestic TDI market continued to be sorted out at a high level. During the week, the guidance prices of large manufacturers were announced one after another, which boosted the mentality of operators. The holders had a strong upward mentality, and the offer rose again. The distribution market increased with the market news, and individual enterprises suspended the quotation, As a result, the increase in the distribution market is less than the increase in the market. At present, the quotation range in East China is about 17500-17600 yuan / ton for domestic goods and about 17900-18500 yuan / ton for Shanghai goods. The spot supply in the market is tight, the supplier occupies a dominant position, and the TDI market is bullish.


Future forecast: in the later stage, the TDI market is relatively strong, and the specific attention is paid to the market supply and downstream follow-up.