On December 6, the domestic bisphenol a market price fell on the sidelines

On December 6, the market was very quiet at the beginning of the week. The venue paid more attention to the bidding of a petrochemical in East China, and the negotiation performance was very cold. On the trading day, the offer went down. In the afternoon, with the auction of 14500 yuan / ton, it ended, down another 500 yuan / ton compared with the last auction. The market atmosphere was poor. A few traders offered 15500-15800 yuan / ton. I heard that there were few actual orders on the floor. In the later stage, we will continue to pay attention to the large-scale situation of the plant, and the short-term bisphenol a market is still weak, mainly adjusted and operated.

In the upstream, the phenol and acetone markets are in a downturn. Today, phenol factories have made up a decline of 300 yuan / ton. The mainstream offer of on-site factories is 9000 yuan / ton, the market offer fluctuates up and down, and the mainstream offer in East China is 9000-9100 yuan / ton; From the perspective of acetone market, the port inventory decreased at the beginning of the week, and the mentality of cargo holders was supported. The offer was 5300-8350 yuan / ton, the low out intention turned weak, the terminal purchase intention was small, and the market negotiation was cold.