Melamine market price continued to rise, price hit a new high

Melamine market rose sharply in April, and continued to rise since May, reaching a new high. According to the monitoring sample data of the business community, as of May 7, the average price of melamine enterprises was 14900 yuan / ton, up 2.76% compared with the previous trading day, up 55.48% compared with April 7, and up 106.94% over the same period in three months.

The supply and demand pattern of the market has not changed much, and the market is running at a high level

Since May Day, the upward trend of market prices has been obvious, the export market has performed well, domestic trade is just needed, supported by orders waiting to be issued in the early stage, the enterprises have no pressure on sales and inventory, the tense situation of spot supply continues, and the quotations of enterprises continue to rise.

Upstream urea, May 7, Shandong urea market temporarily stable. In the aspect of demand, agricultural demand is mainly sporadic procurement; The start-up load of downstream compound fertilizer and rubber sheet plants increased slightly, and most of them followed the market. Supply side: at present, the operating rate of urea enterprises is about 70%, with a decrease, and the daily output is about 150000 tons. Urea plant maintenance, supply side tightening.

According to the price monitoring of business community, in April 2021, there were 51 kinds of commodities in the list of commodity price rise and fall, among which there were 30 kinds of commodities with an increase of more than 5%, accounting for 32.6% of the number of commodities monitored; The top three commodities were melamine (34.28%), acetic anhydride (31.91%) and acetic acid (29.83%). A total of 31 kinds of commodities decreased month on month, and 15 kinds of commodities decreased by more than 5%, accounting for 16.3% of the number of commodities monitored in the sector; The top three products were formic acid (- 18.44%), aniline (- 17.86%) and n-propanol (- 16.17%). The average rise and fall this month was 3.19%.

Melamine analysts of business news agency believe that the price of upstream urea is temporarily stable, and the impact of cost is limited. With the price of melamine rising to a high level, the downstream procurement has slowed down. However, enterprises are waiting for support, and there is no pressure in the short term. It is expected that the melamine market will mainly run at a high level in the short term, and the specific trend needs to pay more attention to the market information guidance.