The price of ethanol market decreased significantly in April

In April, the domestic ethanol market dropped significantly. According to the sample data monitored by the business community, the domestic ethanol market price was 7012 yuan / ton on April 1, and the domestic butadiene market price was 6637 yuan / ton on April 30, with a decrease of 5.35% and a year-on-year increase of 18.79%.

The market situation of each region was weak, the market situation of northeast, East China and Henan was low, the honey ethanol market of South China and Guangxi was on the sidelines, the ethanol market of Dongguan was weak, the turnover of Anhui was light, the turnover of Sichuan was weak, and the ethanol market of Yunnan was down.

From the perspective of raw material corn, the raw material corn market went down this month, the grass-roots grain in Northeast China was undercut, some farmers were busy with spring ploughing and had no time to sell grain, in addition, the natural dry grain was not in a hurry to ship, the early output tide had ended, the periodic circulation reduction continued to boost the market, and the short-term market was supported by the bottom. At the same time, corn imports increased significantly year on year. From the demand point of view, the ethyl acetate enterprises were under started, the demand for other chemical industries did not increase significantly, the recovery of terminal enterprises was general, and the downstream procurement was mainly just needed due to the approaching holiday this month.

Logistics prices rose slightly this month. By the end of the month, the price from Jilin to Shandong was 300 yuan / ton, while that from Heilongjiang to northern Jiangsu was 400 yuan / ton. Shipping from Thailand to East China will be reduced by US $2-4 per ton.

Latest price trends of ethanol market in different regions:

Region, category, price

Henan Province Top grade 6850-6880 yuan / ton, tax included

Henan Province Anhydrous ethanol 7400-7650 yuan / ton including tax

Hebei Province General level 7450-7500 yuan / ton

Hebei Province No water in coal 8100-8150 yuan / ton

Heilongjiang area General grade of corn alcohol 6300-6400 yuan / ton including tax

Jilin area Ordinary alcohol 6650 yuan / ton including tax

Guangxi region Honey alcohol 7150-7200 yuan / ton

Guangxi region Cassava alcohol 6700-7000 yuan / ton

Guangxi region Anhydrous ethanol 7450-7500 yuan / ton

Guangdong area Cassava alcohol About 7150-7200 yuan / ton

Guangdong area Anhydrous cassava ethanol About 7550-7800 yuan / ton

Shandong Province General level 6450-6550 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Superior grade of corn 6850-7400 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Corn without water 7300-7400 yuan / ton

Southern Jiangsu General level 6600-6700 yuan / ton

Northern Jiangsu General level 6650 yuan / ton

Anhui Province Cassava general grade About 6450-6500 yuan / ton

Anhui Province anhydrous About 6450-6500 yuan / ton

Sichuan area Corn alcohol About 7500-7600 yuan / ton, including tax

Yunnan Province Molasses alcohol About 6900 yuan / ton

Yunnan Province Cassava alcohol About 6900 yuan / ton

With the increase of logistics price, the price of low-cost goods in Northeast China to consumer areas has no advantage. But at present, most corn ethanol enterprises have lost money. Business community ethanol analysts expect that under the influence of short-term market supply exceeding demand, the price will be weak and the domestic ethanol market will be volatile.