Upstream and downstream continue to play games, spandex prices temporarily stable, wait and see

According to the price monitoring of the business community, since April, the domestic spandex market has maintained a high and stable operation, and the factory quotation has not changed. The average price of 40d specification is 67600 yuan / ton, up 107.36% year on year. Spandex industry started around 90%, high level operation, market supply is basically stable, individual batch number is still tight. Downstream terminal market just need to buy, cautious view of the market.


Current mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)


20D 30D 40D

Zhejiang Province: 83000-85000 73000-75000 63000-65000

Shandong: 83000-86000 74000-76000 63000-66000

Fujian: 83000-86000-74000-76000-64000-68000

Jiangsu Province: 83000-85000 73000-75000 63000-66000

The overall focus of the raw material market PTMEG market is upward, 1800 molecular weight goods are supplied by mainstream factories, the offer is around 43000 yuan / ton, the actual order negotiation is about 42000-43000 yuan / ton, the industry starts 76%, and some devices are overhauled. The pure MDI industry started 80% of the time, insisted on sorting out, the market mainstream quotation fell steadily, the traders accompanied the shipment, the downstream small order procurement, the local market negotiation in 21500-22000 yuan / ton wire transfer barreled self pick-up.


Insufficient order follow-up of downstream textile enterprises is a prominent problem. The terminal market just needs to purchase is a little difficult. The round machine field starts 5.5-60%, and the warp knitting field starts 70%. Watch the market carefully.


Business analysts believe that the current spandex market trend changes little. Some spandex manufacturers have accumulated storage, but the overall level is still low, and some manufacturers are slightly tight, tight goods and high prices. The cost pressure of raw material market still exists, the demand follow-up is sluggish, the upstream and downstream continue to play games, in the short term, the price of spandex is temporarily stable and mainly wait-and-see.