Ethylene oxide briefing this week (February 7 – February 19)

Before and after the long holiday, the epoxy market performance was flat, the price was stable, and the mainstream price in East China was 6800 yuan / ton.


As of today, the CFR Northeast Asia price has been slightly adjusted by US $5, and after the increase, the price is US $855 / ton, with strong cost support. After the festival, polycarboxylate monomer manufacturers were very popular, and some of them did not take the goods many years ago. We learned from the market that Sanjiang has closed its offer and delivered the orders of the year before, and Shanghai Dongda has basically not accepted the orders at present. Market participants pointed out that the current market is bullish, so they are waiting for the general rise to come true. The market of ethylene glycol in the lower reaches is strong, and the profit margin is rich. Most of the cogeneration units are converted to ethylene glycol. In addition, there are more maintenance of ethylene oxide units from the end of February to March, and the supply of ethylene oxide is tight.


Market news pointed out that tomorrow may be raised by 200-300 yuan, the market gradually entered the bull market, need to pay close attention to the latest developments.