Stable operation of potassium sulfate Market

1、 Price trend


2、 Market analysis


According to the data of the business agency, the market of potassium sulfate in Hebei is stable this week, and the output of Mannheim potassium sulfate is about 2550 yuan / ton for 50% powder and 2650 yuan / ton for 50% granules and 52% water soluble powder. The supply and sales of potash in Xinjiang SDIC were normal, with 52% powder arriving at the station price of 2740 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan / ton compared with last week; the station price of 50% powder of Qinghai water salt system was about 2475 yuan / ton, increased by 50 yuan / ton compared with last week. Processing type potassium sulfate is supported by a certain raw material cost, and now it is mainly based on a single discussion and replenishment on demand. The ex factory price of 50% powder Mannheim potassium sulfate is about 2550 yuan / ton, and the factory price of 50% Mannheim potassium sulfate is about 2650 yuan / ton, and the price has little change from last week.


3、 Future forecast


Business Club potassium sulfate analysts believe: potassium sulfate Market smooth operation, the overall inventory pressure is small. The strong price of potassium chloride forms a favorable support, and the later demand is waiting for release, and the future market is expected to remain stable.