WTO Dispute Chinese Rare Earth ” first instance ” loser

March 26 , World Trade Organization (WTO) panel report released ruled export tariffs on Chinese rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum related products taken quota management measures violate WTO regulations. Chinese Commerce Department of Treaty and Law Department official has issued a statement said that China is currently evaluating the report panel decisions and make proper follow-up to the case under the WTO dispute settlement procedures .
Analysts pointed out that the panel report made ​​by the domestic courts like ” first instance ” ruling. But given the rare case before the nine kinds of raw materials, highly similar case against precedent has been that the Chinese side even if the probability of winning the appeal is not large . From the perspective of the protection of scarce resources departure , the Chinese government ‘s top priority should be to increase the sector supervision, limit the exploitation and consumption of domestic rare earth.
March 13, 2012 , the United States , European Union, Japan will export tariffs Chinese rare earth, tungsten, molybdenum related products , export quotas and export quota management and allocation measures to resort to WTO dispute settlement mechanism.
Rare earths , tungsten, molybdenum are rare , widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, aerospace and other fields, are valuable non-renewable resources , are included in China ‘s export quota license management of goods involved in the lawsuit .
Statistics show that for a long time , China has accounted for only 23% of the world ‘s rare earth reserves , more than 90 percent of the global supply of rare earth market . America has a rich rare earth resources and other Western countries do not exploit their rare earth, but a large number of rare earth imports from China .
China in the mining of rare earth paid a huge environmental cost , chemical processes produce large amounts of rare earth separation of pollutants causing great damage to the environment . Allegedly , of which only the rich rare earth resources in southern Jiangxi , if you want to destroy the mining of rare earth minerals such as land for ecological restoration , the initial capital investment is expected to be as high as 38 billion yuan or more.
Given the scarcity and serious pollution to the environment of rare earth resources in recent years, China has taken a series of measures to strengthen the management of rare metals , in 2011 the Chinese government issued the ” Opinions on Promoting the healthy and sustainable development of rare earth industry ,” rare earth mining, production and processing of governance, through industrial policy , environmental measures comprehensively regulate domestic production , consumption and exports of rare earths , including export quota management.(http://www.lubonchem.com supply)