Fluorite price trend temporarily stable, aluminum fluoride price stable

The price trend of upstream fluorite was temporarily stable, the price of hydrofluoric acid decreased slightly, and the price of aluminum fluoride remained stable as a whole. According to business agency data, the domestic price of aluminum fluoride on September 11 was 8833 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the beginning of the week.


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The price trend of domestic fluorite market is stable for the time being. Recently, some manufacturers have reported that their goods are not in good condition, and the downstream demand is not improved, and the fluorite price changes little. Domestic fluorite manufacturers have been operating stably, the on-site mines and flotation devices have been started normally, and the price trend of fluorite market is temporarily stable.


The upstream fluorite and other raw materials prices remain low and volatile, and the aluminum fluoride market support is weak. In addition, at present, the overall operating rate of aluminum fluoride is high, and the spot inventory of some factories is high, and the shipping pressure is great. On the whole, the performance of aluminum fluoride market is relatively stable, and the price of aluminum fluoride of some manufacturers has been lowered.


Analysts of the aluminum fluoride industry of the chemical branch of the business society believe that: the upstream fluorite price is low and volatile, and the current aluminum fluoride inventory is high, and the price of aluminum fluoride is weak. It is expected that the aluminum fluoride market will be stable in the near future.

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