The market price trend of ammonium nitrate was stable in November

On November 30, the ammonium nitrate commodity index was 121.05, the same as yesterday, a record high in the cycle, 56.46% higher than the lowest point of 77.37 on October 31, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2013-02-01 to now).


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In November, the price trend of domestic ammonium nitrate Market remained at a high level, the domestic ammonium nitrate plant started normal operation, the supply of goods in the near future was normal, and the domestic price trend remained at a high level. In the near future, the shipment market of ammonium nitrate manufacturers has improved, and the downstream purchase is on demand. In the near future, the trend of downstream nitro compound fertilizer is normal. The domestic downstream civil explosive industry still stops production more, the domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers have limited start-up, and the market price of ammonium nitrate remains high. Up to now, the negotiation mainstream in Shaanxi is 2300-2400 yuan / ton, that in Shandong is 2300-2500 yuan / ton, and that in Hebei is 2400-2500 yuan / ton.


In November, the price of concentrated nitric acid in China fell slightly, down 5.72%. Jiangsu Hongze Yinzhu Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 1600 yuan / ton; Anhui Jinhe offers 1600 yuan / ton; Shandong helitai offers 1800 yuan / ton. Anhui Aodeli offers 1650 yuan / ton; Wenshui County synthetic chemical offers 1600 yuan / ton. In recent years, the domestic maintenance devices have been restarted continuously, the supply of concentrated nitric acid market has increased, and the on-site delivery situation is general. Affected by negative factors, the price of ammonium nitrate market continued to decline in November, and the price of raw material nitric acid has declined, which is a big negative impact on the ammonium nitrate Market.



In November, the overall supply of liquid ammonia in the upstream market was loose, and the unit operating rate of the enterprise was slightly higher. The domestic liquid ammonia market tends to be stable, with a slight decline in some areas. In November, the drop of liquid ammonia was 5.43%. In late November, most of the manufacturers reported stable, some of them went down 50 yuan / ton. Some enterprises in the main production area of Shandong Province maintained stable, some of them fell 50 yuan / ton. The price in the northwest region remained stable. At present, the local ammonia volume is surplus, especially some manufacturers in Shandong Province have loose supply, and the enterprise’s delivery pressure is gradually increasing However, the price of manufacturers with large ammonia is mainly stable. The main quotation in Shandong is 2750-2850 yuan / ton. However, the overall trend of liquid ammonia is not optimistic nationwide. The overall trend of the upstream liquid ammonia Market declined, while the price trend of ammonium nitrate Market was temporarily stable.


In the near future, the demand of the downstream civil explosive industry is general, and the market demand for ammonium nitrate is normal, but the market price of raw materials falls, and the market price of ammonium nitrate loses cost support. Ammonium nitrate analysts of the business association believe that the market price of ammonium nitrate may maintain high volatility in the later period.

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