China’s domestic sulphur market declined narrowly on August 20

Price Trend


According to the price monitoring of business associations, the average ex-factory price of sulphur market in East China is 746.67 yuan/ton, a decline of 5.48%. On August 20, the sulphur commodity index was 40.97, down 2.38 points from yesterday, down 60.55% from 103.84 points in the cycle (2011-11-02), and up 17.46% from 34.88 points on October 23, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

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II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic sulphur market prices have been sharply lowered, downstream demand performance is still weak, terminal purchasing enthusiasm is weak, lack of information guidance, refineries in various regions continue to downward price adjustment, the mainstream price of solid sulphur in East China market is around 680-740 yuan/ton, liquid sulphur is 50 yuan/ton, the mainstream price is 610-730 yuan/ton. About 40-70 yuan/ton for solid sulfur in Shandong market, 780 yuan/ton for solid sulfur, 620-700 yuan/ton for liquid sulfur, 40 yuan/ton for solid sulfur in North China market, 610-660 yuan/ton for solid sulfur and 580-620 yuan/ton for liquid sulfur.

Industry chain: The vulnerable sorting of sulphur market continues to decline, the vulnerable sorting of acid Market downstream, coexistence of high land prices, contradictions between supply and demand on the site remain, both buyers and sellers are cautious to trade, business mentality is not good, the market is not supported by substantive good news for the time being, it is expected that prices will be low or downward.


Industry: From the demand point of view, the downstream wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, it is difficult to change. Domestic port inventory is high, market turnover is still cold, real information is scarce, port storage consumption is slow, buyers and sellers wait for information guidance. Domestic sulphur market continued to decline, downstream demand has not improved, the industry for the future look at the atmosphere is strong.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business sulfur analysts believe that the current sulfur market lacks information guidance, no substantive positive factors, downstream demand has not improved for the time being, industry cautious wait-and-see, expected short-term sulfur market or continued weak consolidation.