June 24 Magnesium Ingot Market

1. Commodity Name: Magnesium Ingot (9990)

2. Latest price (2019.6.24): 15900 yuan/ton (lower mainstream quotation)


The ex-factory tax in Fugu area is 15500-15800 yuan/ton; the spot remittance in Taiyuan area is 15700-16000 yuan/ton; the spot remittance in Wenxi area is 15700-16000 yuan/ton; and the spot remittance in Ningxia area is 15600-15700 yuan/ton.


3. The main points of analysis are as follows: at present, the market of magnesium is on the low side, the downstream demand is not enough, the processing enterprises purchase more on demand, the traders enter and exit more quickly, and the willingness to hoard goods is low. At present, the stock of magnesium ingots has increased, and the supply of low-price products has begun to increase sharply. The market mentality of “selling up but not buying down” intensifies the weak operation of the market in the off-season of weak demand at home and abroad.

4. Future market forecast: weak demand, high inventory, magnesium ingot short-term weak operation is expected to be the main.

Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)