High temperature and drought caused the shortage of new rubber supply, and the price of natural rubber rose sharply.

Surveillance data from the Business Association (100ppi.com) showed that the price of natural rubber had risen all the way by the end of April under the influence of “mixing rubber classification”, and had risen by 6.8% by May 10. The price of spot rubber had risen by 1000 yuan per ton since May, up by 10.34%.


Influencing factors:

1. The change of trade and economic environment has attracted much attention. May 13 – 15 Shanghai glue quotation shocks adjustment, a small margin, normal shipment of traders.

2. Short-term cutting in domestic rubber producing areas. Since last week, affected by high temperature, drought and mite hazards, some natural rubber production areas in China have been short-term cutting, and the supply of new rubber is tight.


3. High temperature and drought affect foreign producing areas. According to local news, also affected by high temperature and drought, the production of new rubber in Southeast Asian rubber producing countries such as India decreased, and the demand of local tire enterprises was strong, which expressed concern about future supply.

In summary, business analysts believe that the recent trade situation and the impact of new rubber cutting on the natural rubber market have attracted much attention. On the 15th, Shanghai Rubber Night Market opened up 1.7%, and on the 16th, Shanghai Rubber Night Market rose sharply by 500-600 yuan/ton, closing up by about 5.2%. Business Association monitoring, Tianjiao spot quotation rose, the distribution price generally increased by 500-600 yuan/ton, some traders said that the market rose too much, leading to “no quotation”. Follow-up continued to pay attention to the trade situation and weather conditions in domestic and foreign rubber areas.

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