Agricultural output value of natural rubber should reach 9 billion yuan

Natural rubber is one of the important strategic basic materials in China, and Yunnan is the largest natural rubber production base in China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Yunnan Province recently issued the Implementing Plan of Yunnan Province Supporting the Development of Rubber Industry, proposing that Yunnan Natural Rubber Agriculture should achieve output value of 9 billion yuan by 2020, optimize industrial layout and structure, develop rubber products industry, basically form a modern marketing system, and further enhance the voice of the international market.


According to the statistical data, by the end of 2017, the planting area of natural rubber in Yunnan Province was 8.66 million mu, accounting for 49.5% of the total planting area in China. The output of natural rubber was 438,000 tons, accounting for 53.8% of the total national output. The agricultural output value of natural rubber reached 6 billion yuan.



The plan put forward that we should consolidate and improve the management level of rubber plantations, improve the development quality of natural rubber preliminary processing industry, speed up the development layout of rubber deep processing industry, establish and improve the supporting service system of rubber industry, improve and expand the construction of rubber warehousing and logistics system, expand the influence of rubber trade market, enhance the leading enterprises in rubber industry, promote the construction of key projects and enhance them. The main tasks of enterprises in 10 aspects are the level of technological innovation and strengthening investment promotion and attraction.

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The plan points out that by 2020, the planting area of natural rubber in Yunnan should be stabilized at about 9 million mu, the production area should be 6 million mu, and the annual output of natural rubber should be 600,000 tons. The output value of natural rubber agriculture should reach 9 billion yuan, and the per capita income of rubber farmers should reach 7,000 yuan.