Calcium Pantothenate Price Rises as the Market Season Comes

Reporters learned from the industry that the recent vitamin factory Tiger due to shortage of raw materials calcium pantothenate products shutdown, the market circulation of goods reduced, leading to the main manufacturers shortage of shipments, have bid. Last weekend, there was another rumor in the market that a manufacturer in Zhejiang stopped reporting and the quotation of distributors continued to rise. The price of calcium pantothenate rose from 155-160 yuan/kg the previous week to 180-200 yuan/kg last weekend. Some enterprises even signed 210/kg lists on the market.


Market survey shows that more than 60% of practitioners believe that the price of calcium pantothenate has an upward trend. The industry believes that with the coming of the market peak season, the upstream raw material tension and demand is expected to continue to pull the price of calcium pantothenate firm.