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ammonium chloride information

LUBON INDUSTRY Co., LTD are specialize in producing ammonium chloride. Was a colorless crystal or white granular powder, is a strong electrolyte, water soluble ionized ammonium ion and chloride, ammonia and hydrogen chloride generated ammonium chloride will have a white smoke. Corrosive to ferrous metals and other metals, especially more on copper corrosion, no corrosion of iron.

The product has two main production processes: one is using Hou’s process Chinese famous scientist Hou Debang invention, while the production of sodium carbonate and ammonium chloride two products; second is a by-product in the production of potassium carbonate, potassium salt. Ammonium chloride is easy to agglomerate, usually by adding anti caking agent to prevent caking.

Mainly used in dry cell batteries, battery, ammonium salt, tanning, electroplating, precision casting, medicine, photography, electrode, adhesive, yeast nutrients and dough improver. Ammonium chloride, referred to as “chloride”, also known as brine sand, is an available nitrogen chemical fertilizer, nitrogen content is 24% ~ 25%, is a physiological acidic fertilizer. It is suitable for wheat, rice, corn, rapeseed and other crops, especially with reinforced fiber toughness and tensile force and improve the quality of the efficacy of cotton crops. However, due to the nature of ammonium chloride and if the wrong way , often brings about some adverse effects on Soil and crops . Generally the use of ammonium nitrate .

In addition, there are many farms the c as ammonium salt non protein nitrogen added to cattle and other animal feed, but adding quantity is strictly limited.

Ammonium chloride can be used as fertilizer, belonging to the nitrogen , ammonia cal fertilizers but not with alkaline fertilizer applied together, nor the best application in saline soil, so as not to reduce fertilizer.

ammonium chloride Used in medicine, the product is irritant expectorant cough and phlegm: suitable for difficult to expectorate; also used to acidify the urine, urinary tract infection. The product is used for correction of metabolic alkalosis.
This products Should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, pay attention to moisture. Avoid with acid, alkali substances mix of reservoir. The transport process to prevent rain and sun exposure. Be very careful when loading and unloading, packaging to prevent breakage.

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