PAPE product performance

PAPE is a new kind of water treatment chemicals, has good scale and corrosion inhibition properties. Since the introduction of the multiple molecular polyoxyethylene not only improve the corrosion performance, but also improve the scale of calcium scale and decentralized capacity sediment. Barium inhibitor existing domestic water beyond the control of scale deposition of strontium has an excellent inhibitory effect on water, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate deposition of insoluble salts also has excellent scale inhibition effect on steel with cathodic protection , corrosion better than the existing domestic similar products. Polyhydric alcohols and polycarboxylic acid ester salt, an organic phosphonate, an inorganic phosphate and zinc salt in water-miscible good stabilizer. PAPE for oilfield acquisition inhibitor (especially recommended as a substitute for Nalco Visco 953) and industrial cooling water corrosion inhibitors.