ferric sulfate Usage

The analysis for silver, quantitative measurement of sugar. Used as a dye, ink, water, aluminum sculpture, disinfection, polymerization catalyst.
Analytical reagents, quantitative determination of glucose, iron catalyst, mordant, purifying agent, pigment manufacture drugs.
SO ₂ of impurity (Fe ₂ (SO ₄) ₃ + SO ₂ + H ₂ O = 2FeSO ₄ +2 H ₂ SO ₄)
Used as a coagulant in water treatment industry water and sludge treatment agent.
Is used as a mordant and industrial waste water coagulant, but also for the pigment.
With ferric sulfate as astringent and hemostatic agents medicine.
For zinc-nickel alloy, galvanized iron-cobalt alloy electrolyte.
Ferric sulfate in agricultural applications: as fertilizers, herbicides pesticides, cure wheat, fruit, potatoes, corn, vegetables, flowers and fruit trees prevention orchard pests rot radical tree stalk liverworts, lichens and so on. Also be used as fertilizer, is a catalyst for flowers, fruit trees and manufacture chlorophyll, with phosphorus, nitrogen fixation, live potassium, loose soil, sterilization pest control, strong roots and strong stem, fruit enhanced gloss, moisture content, enhanced photosynthesis, increase crop drought resilience and reduce fruit rot, ring rot, leaf spot, rust, powdery mildew and other diseases, and for fruit trees leaf disease, yellow leaf disease, fruit shrink disease has a strong preventive effect reaches a significant increase yield effect