Amitraz use

1 Amitraz can be used for fruit, tea leaf mite mite control of apple, citrus red mite, citrus rust mites, fleas, mites EC 1000-1500 with 20% times spray.
2 tea tea mite prevention Prevention half Tarsonemidae with amitraz effective concentration 150-200mg/kg liquid spray.
3 mite prevention vegetables eggplant, beans spider, 1000-2000 times with 20% EC amitraz liquid spray. Watermelon, melon red spider, with 20% EC 2000-3000 times spray.
4 Cotton mite prevention control of cotton spider mite, 1000-2000 with 20% EC times spray. While the cotton bollworm, pink bollworm rid of a certain role.
5 ticks and mites and other livestock in vitro mite prevention of cattle, sheep and other livestock ticks and mites processing chemicals 50-1000mg/kg. Cattle scabies 250-500mg/kg body rubbed with liquid, rinse. Environment mite 4000-5000 with 20% EC times spray. Environmental mites with 20% EC 1000 times spray.