Oxalic acid

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Also known as acetic acid, oxalic acid, a dibasic acid is the most simple. Oxalic acid widely distributed in nature, especially in plants, such as herbs, rhubarb plants, sorrel, spinach, etc., and the oxalic acid  often in the form of potassium existence. In human or animal urine meat, oxalic acid in the form of calcium oxalate or uric acid in the presence of grass, is the main component of calcium oxalate urinary stones.


When the oxalic acid two carboxylic acid molecules are directly connected, with special properties, for example, with the reduction of oxalic acid, potassium permanganate is reduced to make bivalent manganese, this reaction is used in the determination of the quantitative analysis of the concentration of potassium permanganate methods; oxalic acid can also be used in fibers , industrial oils and leather bleaching agent, is also the use of its reduction.

Oxalic acid mainly apply to the follow expects:

Firstly ,when dewatering the heated acid decarboxylation, to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water. Laboratories can use the system to take oxalate thermal decomposition of carbon monoxide gas.


Secondly, oxalic acid can dissolve in water to form complexes with many metals. The product can be used for rust, ink traces of cleaning agents and metal polish. It can rust, to sell the store to buy a bottle of chemical reagents oxalic acid, and taken with warm water solution dubbed rub on the rust stains. Shop selling oxalic acid, generally also sell some medical equipment, glassware.


Thirdly, oxalic acid can also be used for antimony mordant, ferric ammonium oxalate is printed blueprint Pharmacy.


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