Allantoin main purpose

1, in medicine: allantoin promote cell growth, accelerate wound healing, the physiological function of keratin, such as softening, anti-ulcer agents, and good healing agents of skin wounds. Can be used to alleviate symptoms and treatment of dry skin, scaly skin disease, skin ulcers, peptic ulcers and inflammation, osteomyelitis, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, acne have a better effect.
2, in cosmetics: Because allantoin is an amphoteric compound that binds to a variety of substances to form double salts, with dark, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-oxidation, to keep the skin moisture, moist and soft, is Beauty salons and other cosmetic effects of additives, widely used freckle cream, acne solution, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving lotion, conditioner, astringent, anti-sweat deodorant lotion and other additives. Add allantoin cosmetics with conservation organizations, hydrophilic, water and prevent water distribution and so on; adding allantoin hair cream, hair cream, shampoo, hair has a protective effect, can not forked hair constantly hair; adding allantoin lipstick, creams make the skin, lips soft and flexible, and has a beautiful sheen. Allantoin to promote tissue growth, cell metabolism, soften the cuticle proteins. For example magic care magic lip care moisturizing gentle exfoliating scrub to soften the film, moisturizing and shiny main function is to increase the role of allantoin.
3, in agriculture: allantoin is an excellent plant growth regulator, can stimulate plant growth, wheat, citrus, rice, vegetables, soybeans significantly increase yield, and solid fruit, premature action.