sodium bromide

sodium bromide

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sodium bromide,

CAS : 7647-15-6

Molecular formula: NaBr

Molecular Weight: 102.8938

Colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder. Odorless, taste salty and bitter.

Melting point 747

Boiling point 1390

The relative density of 3.203 (25 )

Solubility soluble in water (100 solubility of 121g / 100ml water). Slightly soluble in alcohol.

Specification: industrial grade sodium bromide, sodium bromide pharmaceutical grade, photographic grade sodium bromide


    Industrial grade           pharmaceutical grade   photographic grade

Content   98.0% min                  99% min          99.5% min

Loss on drying 1% max                 0.5% max         0.3% max

Chloride    3.0%                    0.5% max       0.2% max

PH        5.5-8.5                      5.5-8.5          5.5-8.5


1 photographic industry for the preparation of liquid photosensitive film. The medicine used in the production of diuretics and sedatives. Perfume industry for the production of synthetic fragrances. Printing and dyeing industry as a brominating agent. In addition, also used in organic synthesis, etc.

2. Determination of trace cadmium. Manufacturing bromide. Inorganic and organic synthesis. Photographic cardboard. Pharmaceuticals.

3. The pharmaceutical industry as a diuretic and sedative. For the treatment of neurasthenia, nervous insomnia, mental excitement status.

4.The photographic film used for the preparation of a photosensitive liquid. The pharmaceutical industry as a diuretic and sedative. Also used in synthetic perfume, medicine and dye industries, but also for the preparation of automatic dishwasher detergent.

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