Polyglutamic acid

Polyglutamic acid

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English name: PGA

Appearance: white crystalline or freeze-dried powder or precipitate dried.


First, cosmetic grade, food grade: MW 700,000;

Second, pharmaceutical grade: MW 1000000;

Third, the water level: MW 1,500,000

Fourth, soil, plant regulator levels: molecular weight 20,000 or less.

Uses: pharmaceutical fields: the ideal drug carrier, to improve the bioavailability of the drug, reduced toxicity, prolonged duration of action.

 Food industry: as preservative, bitterness dispel agent, antifreeze, can be applied to cereals, baked, fried foods, tea drinks, ice cream, and traditional food (tofu), etc.

 Cosmetics: skin moisturizing lubricants, hairspray.

Agricultural areas: improved soil moisture, fertilizer performance, transforming barren, bare mountain, desert; for fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticide and the like.

 Field of environmental protection: removal of heavy metals, sewage treatment; as a biological polymer flocculant, can replace polyacrylamide.

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