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CAS: 1398-61-4

Chemical formula: (C8H13NO5) n (203.19) n

Properties: Appearance is white amorphous material, odorless, tasteless.

Purpose: Preparation of Chitosan Chitin is an important raw material glucosamine products. Chitin and its derivatives have important applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other aspects of health, have broad application prospects. The system for soluble chitin and glucosamine can be used for cosmetic and functional food additives, photographic emulsions may be prepared.

Industry: chitin in the industry are used for many different uses. Chitin is used for water and waste water purification, as a food additive is applied to and drugs play a role in stabilizing the Food and Drug thickening status. Chitin also can be used as a dye, fabric, adhesive. Industrial separation membrane and ion exchange resins can be made of chitin. Processing paper size and strength to use chitin.

Medicine: The product of chitin material as tough and strong as beneficial surgical threads. In addition there are some unusual features, accelerate human wound healing chitin, chitin and even become a separate wound healing agent. Related Research on biomaterials is very large, has good biocompatibility, non-toxicity, inexpensive, easy modification, good mechanical strength and so on.

Beauty: Chitin of cells without repulsion, have the effect of repair cells, and can slow down allergic skin, and Japanese studies have confirmed that chitin antioxidant capacity, can activate cells, preventing cell aging, promote cell regeneration zone. Chitin also contains moisturizing ingredients, it can be effective to β-glucan aqueous moisturizing skin.

Agriculture: bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides, plant growth regulators, soil amendments, agricultural preservation preservative Agents, feed additives.

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