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Product Name :Azamethiphos

Chemical Name : S-(6-chloro-oxazolo[4,5-b]pyridin-2(3H)-on-3-ylmethyl) O,O-dimethyl phosphorothioate

CAS No : 35575-96-3

Details :

Chemical Name : S-[6-chloro-oxazolo(4,5-b)pyridin-2(3H)-on-yl-methyl]-O,O-dimethyl-phospophorothioate
Molecular Formula : C9H10ClN2O5PS
Molecular WT : 324.68
CAS No. : 35575-96-3
Appearance: white or as white powder
Purity: 95 % min.
Melting Point: 88~93°C
Water, KF : max 0.1%
Application : Azamethiphos is a broad-spectrum insect cide. It controls cockroaches, various beetles, bugs, spiders and other arthropodes. It is utend kills flies in meadow. Ithas no toxicity against mammals, It is particularly efficacious against nuisance flies.Formulations and applications which encourage oral uptake of the product by the flies,
increase its efficacy against resistant strains,Tt is an organo-phosphor insectcide that WHO recommend of use.
Usual Packing : 20kgs / paper drum.

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