triol phosphate

triol phosphate

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 triol phosphate

Alias: PAPE; polyoxyethylene triol phosphate

English name: tripydric alcohol phosphate ester; PAPE

Nature: brown thick viscous paste, solid particles in water adsorption - resolution. The product of the quaternary ammonium salts biocide precipitation does not occur.

Quality Standard

Appearance: brown thick viscous paste

Orthophosphate content (PO34- dollars),% 6.5

( Organic phosphorus content in PO34- dollars),% 35

Purposes: as chelating dispersants, scale inhibitors, especially for oil field water injection process as inhibitors. Also apply to chemical plants, oil refineries, air conditioning systems and copper heat exchangers and other circulating cooling water as scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor. When used alone, administered at a concentration of 5-10mg / L to scale, if appropriate increase in concentration, display good corrosion performance. Ph control at 7.0-8.5. With zinc salt, the FDA dosage is 4-5mg / L, zinc ion is 2-3mg / L.

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