Sodium humate

Sodium humate

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Sodium humate

CAS: 68131-04-4

Chemical formula: C9H8NA2O4

Specifications: 25kg / bag

Alias: humic sodium; sodium rot; humic acid sodium

Properties: bright black, beautiful shining shiny amorphous particles 

Particle size: 20 --- 120 mesh

Water-soluble humic acid content (dry basis) 70% 

Water insoluble matter (dry basis) 12%

Moisture content 15%

Fe content   0.45%

  PH value 8-9

Purposes: as fertilizer, plant growth hormones, feed additives, lubricants, additives and other drilling

Industry: for ceramic synergist, drilling mud fluid loss, dry concrete strong reducing agent, wastewater treatment agent, water softener stains, ion exchangers, boiler water treatment agent.

Agriculture: for soil conditioner, plant growth regulators, feed additives and veterinary preparations.


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