Potassium humate

Potassium humate

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Potassium humate

CAS: 68514-28-3

Formula; C9H8K2O4

Molecular Weight: 258.35

Chinese alias: rot potassium; humic potassium,

Properties: Appearance is black powder, soluble in water, aqueous solution is dark reddish brown.

Humic acid (dry basis) 55%

Potassium (K2O dry basis) 8-11%

PH value 9.0-10.0

Burning residual (dry basis) 20%

Water insoluble matter (dry basis) 12%

Moisture 15%

40 mesh sieve sieve residue 5%

Purpose: humic acid and its products have multiple uses. In agriculture, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements combined with humic acid fertilizer made (eg: ammonia, ammonium humic acid and humic acid fertilizer can be made), with fertilizer efficiency, improve soil and stimulate crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products and other functions; nitro humic acid can be used as rice seedling transfer agent; humic acid magnesium, zinc humic acid, humic acid urea iron respectively replenish the soil magnesium, zinc corn, has a good effect on fruit iron ; humic acid and nitrofen, atrazine and other pesticides mix, can improve efficacy, inhibiting residues; humic acid sodium effective for the treatment of apple rot.

In animal husbandry, sodium humate for antler bleeding, nitro humic acid urea complex as cattle feed additives also have good results.

In industry, humic acid sodium used in ceramic pug adjustment; low-pressure boilers, locomotive boiler scale; humic acid ion exchange agent for treating waste water containing heavy metals; sulfonated sodium humate used in cement water reducer; humic acid products also For oil drilling mud treatment agent (see oilfield chemicals); purified humic acid is used as a lead storage battery cathode expanders. China has said a variety of products, used widely


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