Potassium alginate

Potassium alginate

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Product Name: Potassium alginate
CAS: 9005-36-1

The product is rich in plant growth necessary natural ingredients potassium and alginic acid and the like. Potassium can effectively relieve dry edge of the blade-like phenomenon plant potassium deficiency caused by the enhanced photosynthesis, photosynthetic products and transport of fruit; alginic acid, vitamins, trace elements, plant growth regulators and other natural ingredients, can be integrated promote plant absorption and utilization of nutrients, enhance plant growing, improve quality. At the same time, this product has a high solubility, easy to absorb, no pollution.

The scope of application:

For a variety of crops, such as wheat, corn, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and the like. In particular, the need for higher potassium than crops, such as cotton, solanaceous crops, fruit trees and other better
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