Fulvic acid potassium

Fulvic acid potassium

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Fulvic acid potassium 

Features: high load capacity and physiological activity

Specification:Biochemical fulvic acid content (dry basis) 50% 

Total nitrogen (N) content (dry basis) 2.8%

Total phosphorus (P) content (dry basis) 0.6%

Full potassium (k2o) content (dry basis) 9.6% 

Amino acid content (dry basis) 15% 

The crude protein content (dry basis) 19.78% 

Organic matter content (dry basis) 55% 

PH 5.5

Usage: First, improve soil aggregate structure, loose soil, improve water retention capacity of the soil and fertilizer, adjust the PH value, reducing the content of heavy metals in soil, reducing salt ions harm to seeds and seedlings.

Second, nitrogen fixation, dissolving, activated potassium. Especially for potash efficiency especially, played by root seedlings, anti-cropping, disease resistance, improved crop quality role.

Third, strengthen plant roots adhesion and rapid absorption capacity, especially due to the lack of trace elements caused by physiological diseases have a significant effect.


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