EDTA Manganese Sodium

EDTA Manganese Sodium

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EDTA Manganese Sodium; EDTA-MnNa2

CAS: 15375-84-5

EINECS: 239-407-5

Molecular formula: C10H18MnN2Na2O11

Molecular weight443.1743


EDTA-MnNa2 is a stable water soluble metal chelate, the presence of Mn in chelated form 


As the trace elements In agriculture, For solving soil manganese deficiency symptoms.

Also for hydroponic trace element required


Appearance: white powder

Mn: 13%

Ph: 5.5-7.5

Water-soluble: about 800g / L (20 )

About 1200 g / L (80 )

Bulk density: approximately 690kg / m3

Package: 25kg/bag or according to the customer requirement.


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